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Introducing Hirecorp’s Cutting-edge Mud Munkey Dredging Equipment!
We are thrilled to unveil our latest innovation in dredging technology – the Mud Munkey Dredging System. Designed with precision and efficiency in mind, our state-of-the-art equipment is perfect for silt removal from poly-lined ponds.


Mud Munkey Dredging System by Hirecorp

Key Features:
1. Specialized for Poly Lined Ponds: Mud Munkey Dredging Equipment is specifically engineered to excel in the unique challenges posed by poly-lined ponds. It ensures effective silt removal without compromising the integrity of the pond lining.
2. Precision Silt Removal: Our equipment guarantees meticulous silt removal, promoting optimal pond health and preventing potential issues caused by sediment buildup.
3. Cutting-edge Technology: Benefit from the latest advancements in dredging technology. The Mud Munkey system is equipped with innovative features to enhance performance and efficiency.
4. Versatility: Whether you’re dealing with a small pond or a large water body, our range of Mud Munkey Dredging Equipment is adaptable to various sizes and types of poly lined ponds and water ways. Discharge distances of 500+ metres without the need of a booster pump!
5. User-Friendly Design: We understand the importance of simplicity. Our equipment is designed for user-friendly operation, ensuring that you can efficiently manage silt removal with ease.
6. Environmentally Conscious: Hirecorps is committed to environmental sustainability. The Mud Munkey Dredging Equipment is designed to minimize its ecological footprint, providing effective silt removal while maintaining environmental responsibility.




Height 1600 mm 47”
Width 1270 mm 38.5”
Length 2010 mm 60”
Weight 550 kg 848 lb
Air inlet 50 mm 2” BSP/NPT
Suction inlet 100 mm 3”
Discharge outlet 100 mm 3”
Suction lift
11.5m @ 330 cfm 25m @ 380 cfm 35m @ 600 cfm
37′ 7″ @ 200 cfm
57′ @ 280 cfm
88′ @ 330 cfm
Air consumption options 6.5 m3 /Min Jet Pack & 2.8 m3 /Min Discharge
10.7 m3 /Min Jetpack & 5.6 m3 /Min Discharge
16.9 m3 /Min Jetpack & 5.6 m3 /Min Discharge
230 cfmJet Pack &100 cfmDischarge
380cfmJet Pack &180cfmDischarge
600cfmJet Pack&180cfmDischarge
Delivery 500+ m 1640+ ft
Displacement cycle 420 ltr 110 gal
Operating pressure 7 bar (Required) @ 690 kPa 100 psi (Required)
Vacuum options 86.5 to 91 kPa 25.5” to 27” Hg
Maximum solids 80 mm 3”
Water throughput 1000 lpm 264 gpm




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