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The Austrack Equipment 700L Pressure Washer, featuring a 700-litre water tank, 10 HP Yanmar Diesel engine, and 3600 PSI pump, is the ultimate solution for remote or tough job sites, offering robust and portable high-pressure cleaning power.


700L Pressure Washer by Austrack Equipment

Austrack Equipment has engineered the 700L Pressure Washer to meet the versatile needs of demanding job sites. Perfect for situations where a nearby water source is unavailable or impractical, this pressure washer ensures you have everything you need in one robust and portable unit.

Key Features:

  • Robust Skid Design: Easily transportable on a forklift or mounted to a galvanized steel trailer, providing flexibility and convenience for any job site.
  • 700-Litre Water Tank: A substantial water supply makes it ideal for remote locations or areas without immediate access to water.
  • 10 HP Yanmar Diesel Engine: Equipped with a key start, this powerful engine delivers reliable performance and efficiency.
  • High-Pressure Water Pump: With a 15 L/min flow rate and 3600 PSI pressure output, this washer handles tough cleaning tasks effortlessly.
  • 900mm Stainless Steel Lance: Durable and corrosion-resistant, ensuring long-lasting use and effective cleaning.
  • 40M of 3/8” Twin Wire Hose: Offers extensive reach, allowing you to clean large areas without needing to move the unit frequently.

Designed for Australia’s Toughest Job Sites:

Built to withstand the harsh conditions of Australia’s most demanding environments, the Austrack 750L Pressure Washer provides the power and reliability needed for any job. Contact us today to acquire this versatile and powerful cleaning solution.

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