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The Cummins C358D5G is a powerful 358 kVA diesel generator renowned for its reliability, efficiency, and robust construction, making it an ideal choice for industrial, commercial, and critical backup power needs where uninterrupted electricity supply is essential.


Cummins C358D5G Generator Product Description


The Cummins C358D5G is a dependable diesel generator designed to provide robust and efficient power for a variety of applications. Known for its reliability, durability, and advanced engineering, this generator is suitable for industrial, commercial, and residential settings where uninterrupted power supply is critical.

Key Features

  • Power Output: The C358D5G delivers a prime power output of 358 kVA, ensuring reliable and stable electricity supply for demanding applications.
  • Engine: Powered by a Cummins diesel engine, renowned for its efficiency, durability, and low emissions, ensuring optimal performance under varying loads.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Equipped with an advanced fuel system and electronic controls, the generator maximizes fuel efficiency, providing extended run times and reduced operating costs.
  • Durability: Built with a robust, weather-resistant enclosure and high-quality components, the C358D5G is designed to withstand harsh conditions and frequent use, ensuring reliability with minimal maintenance.
  • Portability: Despite its heavy-duty build, the generator features integrated lifting points and optional trailer mount for ease of transportation and deployment across different job sites.
  • Control Panel: The user-friendly control panel includes a digital display for monitoring critical parameters such as voltage, frequency, and operating hours. It also provides multiple output sockets for versatile connectivity.
  • Safety Features: Incorporates advanced safety systems including automatic shutdown for low oil pressure, high coolant temperature, and overcurrent protection, ensuring safe operation and equipment protection.
  • Noise Reduction: Engineered with advanced noise attenuation materials, the C358D5G operates quietly, suitable for use in noise-sensitive environments.


  • Model: Cummins C358D5G
  • Engine: Cummins Diesel Engine
  • Power Output: 358 kVA (Prime)
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Cooling System: Water-cooled
  • Start System: Electric start
  • Run Time: Extended run time with optimized fuel consumption
  • Noise Level: Low noise operation
  • Dimensions: Compact design for efficient space utilization
  • Weight: Heavy-duty construction for durability


  • Industrial Use: Provides reliable power for heavy machinery, manufacturing processes, and industrial facilities.
  • Commercial Settings: Ensures uninterrupted power supply for offices, retail spaces, and critical infrastructure.
  • Construction Sites: Supports power tools, temporary lighting, and electrical needs on construction projects.
  • Emergency Backup: Essential for maintaining operations during power outages in hospitals, data centers, and emergency services.


The Cummins C358D5G generator combines robust performance, fuel efficiency, and advanced technology to meet the demands of diverse power applications. Whether for industrial, commercial, or emergency backup use, the C358D5G is engineered to deliver dependable power, efficiency, and durability, ensuring operational continuity and reliability.

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