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The AIRMAN PDS265S-5B2 Portable Air Compressor, powered by a YANMAR 4TNV98T-NHK turbo-charged engine, delivers 7.5 m³/min at 7.0 bar (100 psi). It features a compact design, low noise operation at 69 dB(A), and multiple air outlets, making it ideal for industrial applications.

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AIRMAN PDS265S-5B2 Portable Air Compressor

Powerful and Efficient Performance

The AIRMAN PDS265S-5B2 Portable Air Compressor is designed for robust industrial applications, featuring a Rotary Twin Screw, Single-Stage, Oil-cooled compressor. It delivers a free air delivery of 7.5 m³/min at a rated pressure of 7.0 bar (100 psi). The compressor has a 30L oil capacity and is equipped with multiple air outlets: four 3/4″ and one optional 2″.

Reliable Engine

Powered by a YANMAR 4TNV98T-NHK direct-injection, turbo-charged engine, it provides a rated output of 61.2 kW at 2500 rpm. The engine has a 10.5L oil capacity and a 115L fuel tank, ensuring long operational hours.

Dimensions and Noise Levels

Measuring 2050 x 1200 x 1250 mm and weighing 1140 kg (dry) and 1280 kg (operating), this compressor is compact and portable. It operates at a sound power level of 98 dB and a sound pressure level of 69 dB(A), adhering to JPN Stage 2 emissions regulations.

The AIRMAN PDS265S-5B2 combines efficiency, power, and reliability, making it an ideal choice for heavy-duty industrial use.

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